All Buddhas throughout space and time
All Bodhisattva-Mahasattavas
Maha Prajna Paramita

^ Four Vows

Sentient beings are numberless; I vow to save them
Desires are inexhaustible; I vow to put and end to them
The dharmas are boundless; I vow to master them
The Buddha Way is unsurpassable; I vow to attain it.

^ Verse of the Kesa

Vast is the robe of liberation. A formless field of benefaction
I wear the Tathagatha teaching. Saving all sentient beings

^ Gatha of Atonement

All evil karma ever committed by me since of old
On account of my beginningless greed, anger, and ignorance
Born of my body, mouth, and thought
Now I atone for it all.

^ Evening Gatha

Let me respectfully remind you
Life and death are of supreme importance
Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost
Each of us should strive to awaken… Awaken!
Take heed! Do not squander your life!

^ Gatha on Opening the Sutra

The Dharma, incomparably profound and infinitely subtle
Is rarely encountered, even in millions of ages.
Now we see it, hear it, receive and maintain it.
May we completely realize the Tathagatha’s true meaning

^ Maha Prajna Paramita Gatha

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha  (x9)

^ Maha Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, doing deep prajna paramita,
Clearly saw emptiness of all the five conditions,
Thus completely relieving misfortune and pain,
O Shariputra, form is no other than emptiness, emptiness is no other than form;
Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form;
Sensation, conception, discrimination, awareness are likewise like this.
O Shariputra, all dharmas are forms of emptiness, not born, not destroyed;
Not stained, not pure, without loss, without gain;
So in emptiness there is no form, no sensation, conception, discrimination, awareness;
No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind;
No color, sound, smell, taste, touch, phenomena;
No realm of sight… no realm of consciousness;
No ignorance and no end to ignorance…
No old age and death, and no end to old age and death;
No suffering, no cause of suffering, no extinguishing, no path;
No wisdom and no gain. No gain and thus
The bodhisattva lives prajna paramita
With no hindrance in the mind, no hindrance, therefore no fear,
Far beyond deluded thoughts, this is nirvana.
All past, present, and future Buddhas live prajna paramita,
And therefore attain anuttara-samyak-sambodhi.
Therefore know, prajna paramita is
The great mantra, the vivid mantra,
The best mantra, the unsurpassable mantra;
It completely clears all pain — this is the truth, not a lie.
So set forth the Prajna Paramita Mantra,
Set forth this mantra and say:
Gate! Gate! Paragate! Parasamgate!
Bodhi svaha. Prajna Heart Sutra. ☸

^ Identity of Relative and Absolute

The mind of the Great Sage of India was intimately
Conveyed from west to east,
Among human beings are wise ones and fools,
But in the Way there is no northern or southern ancestor.
The subtle source is clear and bright;
The tributary streams flow through the darkness.
To be attached to things is illusion;
To encounter the absolute is not yet enlightenment.
Each and all, the subjective and objective spheres are related,
And at the same time, independent.
Related, yet working differently, though each keeps its own place.
Form makes the character and appearance different;
Sounds distinguish comfort and discomfort.
The dark makes all words one;
The brightness distinguishes good and bad phrases.
The four elements return to their nature as a child to its mother.
Fire is hot, wind moves, water is wet, earth hard.
Eyes see, ears hear, nose smells, tongue tastes the salt and sour.
Each is independent of the other;
Cause and effect must return to the great reality.
The words high and low are used relatively.
Within light there is darkness,
But do not try to understand that darkness;
Within darkness there is light,
But do not look for that light.
Light and darkness are a pair,
Like the foot before and the foot behind, in walking.
Each thing has its own intrinsic value and is
Related to everything else in function and position.
Ordinary life fits the absolute as a box and its lid.
The absolute works together with the relative
Like two arrows meeting in mid-air.
Reading words you should grasp the great reality.
Do not judge by any standards.
If you do not see the Way, you do not see it even as you walk on it.
When you walk the Way, it is not near, it is not far.
If you are deluded, you are mountains and rivers away from it.
I respectfully say to those who wish to be enlightened:
Do not waste your time by night or day. ☸

^ Dharma Lineage

Bibashi Butsu Daiosho
Shiki Butsu Daiosho
Bishafu Butsu Daiosho
Kuruson Butsu Daiosho
Kunagommuni Butsu Daiosho
Kasho Butsu Daiosho
Shakamuni Butsu Daiosho
Makakasho Daiosho
Ananda Daiosho
Shonawashu Daiosho
Ubakikuta Daiosho
Daitaka Daiosho
Mishaka Daiosho
Bashumitsu Daiosho
Butsudanandai Daiosho
Fudamitta Daiosho
Barishiba Daiosho
Funayasha Daiosho
Anabotei Daiosho
Kabimora Daiosho
Nagyaharajuna Daiosho
Kanadaiba Daiosho
Ragorata Daiosho
Sogyanandai Daiosho
Kayashata Daiosho
Kumorata Daiosho
Shayata Daiosho
Bashubanzu Daiosho
Manura Daiosho
Shishibodai Daiosho
Bashashita Daiosho
Funyomitta Daiosho
Hannyatara Daiosho
Bodaidaruma Daiosho
Taiso Eka Daiosho
Kanchi Sosan Daiosho
Daii Doshin Daiosho
Daikan Eno Daiosho
Daiman Konin Daiosho
Seigen Gyoshi Daiosho
Sekito Kisen Daiosho
Yakusan Igen Daios
Ungan Donjo Daiosho
Tozan Ryokai Daiosho
Ungo Doyo Daiosho
Doan Dohi Daiosho
Doan Kanshi Daiosho
Ryozan Enkan Daiosho
Taiyo Kyogen Daiosho
Tosu Gisei Daiosho
Fuyo Dokai Daiosho
Tanka Shijun Daiosho
Choro Seiryo Daiosho
Tendo Sokaku Daiosho
Setcho Chikan Daiosho
Tendo Nyojo Daiosho
Eihei Dogen Daiosho
Koun Ejo Daiosho
Tettsu Gikai Daiosho
Keizan Jokin Daiosho
Gasan Joseki Daiosho
Taigen Soshin Daiosho
Baizan Monpon Daiosho
Nyochu Tengin Daiosho
Kisan Shosan Daiosho
Morin Shihan Daiosho
Shoshi Sotai Daiosho
Kenchu Hantetsu Daiosho
Daiju Soko Daiosho
Kinpo Jusen Daiosho
Kaiin Sochin Daiosho
Tetsuei Seiton Daiosho
Shukoku Choton Daiosho
Ketsuzan Tetsuei Daiosho
Hoshi Soon Daiosho
Goho Kainon Daiosho
Tenkei Denson Daiosho
Shozan Monko Daiosho
Niken Sekiryo Daiosho
Reitan Roryu Daiosho
Kakujo Tosai Daiosho
Kakuan Ryogu Daiosho
Ryoka Daibai Daiosho
Ungan Guhaku Daiosho
Baian Hakujun Daiosho
Hakuyu Taizan Daiosho

^ Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo

Kan ze on na mu butsu yo butsu u in yo butsu u en bup po so
en jo raku ga jo cho nen kan ze on bo nen kan ze on nen
nen ju shin ki nen nen fu ri shin ☸

At one with Buddha.
Related to all Buddhas in cause and effect.
And to Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.
Joyful, pure, eternal being!
Morning mind is Kanzeon.
Evening mind is Kanzeon.
This very moment arises from Mind.
This very moment is not separate from Mind.

^ Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani

No mo san man da moto nan oha ra chi koto sha sono nan
to ji to en gya gya gya ki gya ki un nun shiu ra shiu ra
hara shiu ra hara shiu ra chishu sa chishu sa chishu ri
chishu ri sowa ja sowa ja sen chi gya shiri ei somo ko ☸

One with all the Buddhas!
One with the teaching that knows no
Obstructions! Thus:
Om, Khya khya khyahi khyahi (speak, speak)!
Hum Hum!
Jvala jvala prajvala prajvala (blaze, blaze)!
Tistha tistha (up, up) Stri stri!
Sphata (burst, burst)! One who is quiescent!
To the glorious one, hail!

^ Hakuin’s Song of Zazen

Sentient beings are intrinsically Buddha
Like ice and water,
Apart from water, there is no ice;
Apart from sentient beings, there is no Buddha

Not knowing how near the truth is,
We seek it far away—
What a pity.
We are like the son of a rich man,
Who wandered away among the poor.

The reason we transmigrate throughout the six worlds
Is because we are lost in the darkness of ignorance.
Going astray further and further in the darkness,
When will we be free from birth and death?

As for the Mahayana practice of zazen,
We have no words to praise it.
The virtues of perfection: charity,
Morality and the invocation of the Buddha’s name,
Confession and ascetic discipline, and many
Other good deeds of merit,
All come from the practice of zazen.
Even those who sit just once
Will see all their Karma erased.
Nowhere will they find evil paths,
But the Pure Land will be near at hand.

With a reverential heart,
If we listen to this truth even once,
And gladly praise and embrace it,
We will surely be infinitely blessed;
But, if we concentrate within,
And testify to the truth that Self Nature is No Nature,
We have really gone beyond foolish talk.

The gate of oneness of cause and effect opens,
The non-dual, non-triple road lies straight ahead.
The formless form now being your form,
Going or returning you go not elsewhere;

The thoughtless thought now being your thought,
Singing and dancing are the voice of the Dharma.
Boundless and free the sky of samadhi!
Perfect and bright the full moon of wisdom!
At this moment what more do you seek?
With the truth eternally revealed before you?
This very place is the Lotus Land:
This Body is the Buddha.

^ Daihishin Dharani

Namu kara tan no tora ya ya namu ori ya boryo ki chi shiu ra ya fuji sato bo ya moko sato bo ya mo ko kya runi kya ya en sa hara ha ei shu tan no ton sha namu shiki ri toi mo ori ya boryo ki chi shiu ra ri to bo na mu no ra kin ji ki ri mo ko ho do sha mi sa bo o to jo shu ben o shu in sa bo sa to no mo bo gya mo ha de cho to ji to en o bo ryo ki ryo gya chi kya rya chi i kiri mo ko fuji sa to sa bo sa bo mo ra mo ra mo ki mo ki ri to in ku ryo ku ryo ke mo to ryo to ryo ho ja ya chi mo ko ho ja ya chi to ra to ra chiri ni shiu ra ya sha ro sha ro mo mo ha mo ra ho chi ri i ki i ki shi no shi no ora san fura sha ri ha za ha za fura sha ya ku ryo ku ryo mo ra ku ryo ku ryo ki ri sha ro sha ro shi ri shi ri su ryo su ryo fuji ya fuji ya fudo ya fudo ya mi chiri ya nora kin ji chiri shuni no hoya mono somo ko shido ya somo ko moko shido ya somo ko shido yu ki shiu ra ya somo ko nora kin ji somo ko mo ra no ra somo ko shira su omo gya ya somo ko sobo moko shido ya somo ko shaki ra oshi do ya somo ko hodo mogya shido ya somo ko nora kin ji ha gyara ya somo ko mo hori shin gyara ya somo ko namu kara tan no tora ya ya namu ori ya boryo ki chi shiu ra ya somo ko shite do modo ra hodo ya so mo ko ☸

^ Special Services

^ Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo
(The Heart Sutra)

Kan ji zai bo sa gyo jin han nya ha ra mi ta ji sho ken go on kai ku do is sai ku yaku sha ri shi shiki fu i ku ku fu i shiki shiki soku ze ku ku soku ze shiki ju so gyo shiki yaku bu nyo ze sha ri shi ze sho ho ku so fu sho fu metsu fu ku fu jo fu zo fu gen ze ko ku chu mu shiki mu ju so gyo shiki mu gen ni bi zes shin ni mu shiki sho ko mi soku ho mu gen kai nai shi mu i shiki kai mu mu myo yaku mu mu myo jin nai shi mu ro shi yaku mu ro shi jin mu ku shu metsu do mu chi yaku mu toku i mu sho tok ko bo dai sat ta e han nya ha ra mi ta ko shin mu ke ge mu ke ge ko mu u ku fu on ri is sai ten do mu so ku gyo ne han san ze sho butsu e han nya ha ra mi ta ko toku a noku ta ra sam myaku sam bo dai ko chi han nya ha ra mi ta ze dai jin shu ze dai myo shu ze mu jo shu ze mu to to shu no jo is sai ku shin jitsu fu ko ko setsu han nya ha ra mi ta shu soku setsu shu watsu gya tei gya tei ha ra gya tei hara so gya tei bo ji sowa ka han nya shin gyo

^ Song of the Jewel Mirror Awareness

The Dharma of thusness
Is intimately communicated by Buddhas and Patriarchs;
Now you have it,
So keep it well.
Filling a silver bowl with snow,
Hiding a heron in the moonlight —
When you array them, they’re not the same;
When you mix them, you know where they are.
The meaning is not in the words,
Yet it responds to the inquiring impulse.
If you’re excited, it becomes a pitfall
If you miss it you fall into retrospective hesitation.
Turning away and touching are both wrong,
For it is like a mass of fire.
Just to depict it in literary form
Is to relegate it to defilement.
It is bright just at midnight;
It doesn’t appear at dawn.
It acts as a guide for beings —
Its use removes all pains.
Although it is not fabricated,
It is not without speech.
It is like facing a jewel mirror;
Form and image behold each other —
You are not it,
It actually is you.
It is like a babe in the world,
In five aspects complete;
It does not go or come,
Nor rise nor stand.
“Baba wawa” —
Is there anything said or not?
Ultimately it does not apprehend anything
Because its speech is not yet correct.
It is like the six lines of the double split hexagram;
The relative and absolute integrate —
Piled up, they make three;
The complete transformation makes five.
It is like the taste of the five-flavored herb,
Like the diamond thunderbolt.
Subtly included within the true,
Inquiry and response come up together.
Communing with the source and communing with the process,
It includes integration and includes the road;
Merging is auspicious;
Do not violate it.
Naturally real yet inconceivable,
It is not within the province of delusion or enlightenment.
With causal conditions, time and season,
Quiescently it shines bright.
In its fineness it fits into spacelessness;
In its greatness it is utterly beyond location.
A hairsbreadth’s deviation
Will fail to accord with the proper attunement.
Now there are sudden and gradual,
In connection with which are set up basic approaches.
Once basic approaches are distinguished,
Then there are guiding rules.
But even though the basis is reached and the approach comprehended,
True eternity still flows.
Outwardly still while inwardly moving,
Like a tethered colt, a trapped rat —
The ancient saints pitied them,
And bestowed upon them the teaching;
According to their delusions,
They called black as white —
When erroneous imaginations cease,
The acquiescent mind realizes itself.
If you want to conform to the ancient way,
Please observe the ancients of former times;
When about to fulfill the way of Buddhahood,
One gazed at a tree for ten aeons,
Like a tiger leaving part of its prey,
A horse with a while left hind leg.
Because there is the base, (there are)
Jewel pedestals, fine clothing;
Because there is the startlingly different, (there are)
House cat and cow.
Yi, with his archer’s skill,
could hit a target at a hundred paces;
But when arrow points meet head on,
What has this to do with the power of skill?
When the wooden man begins to sing,
The stone woman gets up to dance;
It’s not within reach of feeling or discrimination —
How could it admit of consideration in thought?
A minister serves the lord,
A son obeys the father.
Not obeying is not filial,
And not serving is no help.
Practice intimately, working within,
As though a fool, like an idiot —
If you can achieve continuity,
This is called the host within the host. ☸

^ Gate of Sweet Nectar
(Kan Ro Mon)

Invocation for the Manifestation of the Ten Buddhas

Buddham Saranam Gacchami
Dhammam Saranam Gacchami
Sangham Saranam Gacchami
Buddham Saranam Gacchami
Sangham Saranam Gacchami

Being One with the Buddhas in the Ten Directions
Being One with the Dharma in the Ten Directions
Being One with the Sangha in the Ten Directions
Being One with all the Formless Forms throughout space and time
Being One with the great Manjusri Bodhisattva
Being One with the great compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
Being One with our original teacher Shakyamuni Buddha
Being One with our lineage from Mahakasyapa Sonja
Being One with the Mahayana Saddharma Pundarika Sutra
Being One with Maha Prajna Paramita

Supplication for the Raising of the Bodhi Mind

Vow to feed the hungry spirits

Attention! Attention!
Raising the Bodhi Mind, the supreme meal is offered to all the hungry spirits throughout space and time, filling the smallest particle to the largest space. All you hungry spirits in the ten directions, please gather here. Sharing your distress, I offer you this food, hoping it will resolve your thirsts and hungers.

Prayer of food sharing

I pray that all who receive this offering will return its merits to all Buddhas and to all creations throughout space and time: in this way they will be thoroughly satisfied.

Prayer for raising the Bodhi Mind

I further pray that in receiving this meal all your sufferings will be eliminated, and that you will be liberated, so that being joyously reborn you will play freely in the fields of the Pure land. Raising the Bodhi Mind and practicing the Enlightened Way, you become the future Buddhas without any further regress. Those who realize the way first, please vow to liberate all others throughout all space and time.

Prayer for fulfilling these vows

I further beseech you to sustain me day and night and give me courage to fulfill my vows.

Prayer for transferring the merit of this practice

In offering this meal, I pray that you give its merits equally to all creations in the Dharma worlds. Please transfer the merits of this offering to the Dharma world of True Reality, to unsurpassable enlightenment, and to all the Buddha wisdoms.

Repeated prayer to attain the Enlightened Way

With all our love, with all our spirit, and with all our might. No longer inviting misery and suffering, we vow to accomplish the Way. May all creations in the Dharma world swiftly accomplish the Buddha Way.

Dharanis for inviting the Buddhas of the Five Families
(Read each verse 3 times, English last time through)

Invitation for the Manifestation of the Buddhas in the Padma Family

Na mu ta ho nyo rai no bo ba gya ba tei hara bo ta a ra tan no ya ta ta gya ta ya jo ken ton go fu ku chi en man

Being one with all the Buddhas in the Unifying spheres, integrating all families, wealth and wisdom are in abundance.

Invitation for the Manifestation of the Buddhas in the Ratna Family

Na mu myo shiki shin nyo rai no bo ba gya ba tei so ro ba ya ta ta gya ta ya ha shu ro gyo en man so ko

Being one with all Buddhas in the Livelihood Spheres, extending generosity, perfection of both body and mind appears.

Invitation for the Manifestation of the Buddhas in the Buddha Family

Na mu kan ro o nyo rai no bo ba gya ba tei a mi ri tei a ran ja ya ta ta gya ta ya kan po shin jin ryo ju ke ra ku

Being one with all Buddhas in the Formless Spheres, bodies overflow with boundless Dharma and our life is fulfilled.

Invitation for the Manifestation of the Buddhas in the Vajra Family

Namu ko haku shin nyo rai no bo ba gya ba tei bi ho ra gya ta ra ya ta ta gya ta ya in ko ko dai on jiki ju bo

Being one with all Buddhas in the Study Spheres, throats are opened and eating and drinking fully satisfy.

Invitation for the Manifestation of the Buddhas in the Karma Family

Na mu ri fu i nyo rai no bo ba gya ba tei a ba en gya ra ya ta ta gya ta ya ku shitsu jo ri ga ki shu

Being one with all Buddhas in the Service Spheres, all sufferings of the Hungry Spirits are healed.

Dharani for the Invitation for the Manifestation of all the Gods and Demons

No bo bo ho ri gya ri ta ri ta ta gya ta ya

Being one with the Unconditioned Tathagata.

Dharani of Hell Crushing and Hungry Spirit Throat Opening

Om bo ho tei ri gya ta ri ta ta gya ta ya

Being one with the Boundless Tathagata.

Dharani of Expansion Prayer upon the Food and Drink

No maku sa ra ba ta ta gya ta baro ki tei om san ba ra san ba ra un

Being one with all Tathagatas and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, please nourish and sustain us.

Dharani upon the Dharma Taste of the Sweet Nectar

No maku so ro ba ya ta ta gya ta ya ta nya ta om so ro so ro ha ra so ro ha ra so ro so wa ka

Being one with the Inconceivable Body Tathagatha, let the nectar of Dharma spring forth.

Dharani of feeding all the Hungry Spirits

No maku san man da bo ta nan ban

Being One with all Buddhas, I turn the water-wheel of compassion.

Dharani for Raising the Bodhi Mind
(Repeat after officiant, 3 times)

Om bo ji shi ta bo da ha da ya mi

Now I have raised the Bodhi Mind.

Dharani of Giving the Bodhisattva Samadhi Precepts
(Repeat after officiant, 3 times)

Om san ma ya sa to ban

I am the Buddhas and they are me.

Gatha for Transference of Merit

By this practice I sincerely wish to extend all my love to my own being, friends, enemies, family and community, and to all creations for so much done on my behalf. May those who practice in this sphere continue to empower, to enrich, to enjoy. May those who have gone be released from suffering and nourish peacefulness. May all creations in the three worlds receive loving benefactions. May those suffering on the three paths come to atonement and be cleansed of all their ills. May they be liberated from samsara and arise in the Pure Land together. ☸